abt the compatibility of code

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hey this year i learnt ALP targeted towards 8086 but we use the same code on all other machines with different processors say my own pc has 32bit dual core processor we can run that code in this processor how can it be compatible????????
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The 8086 series code is designed to be backwardly compatible so code written on an 8086 will run on a 286, a 386, a Pentium, Xeon, i7 and so on. You'll find all the different processors you've used have been members of the same family (x86), but if you try running on other processors: 680x0, SPARC, whatever the chip is behind VMS, mainframes etc, also other OS's that use x86 but a different OS such as Solaris(x86), then the same code probably won't work (except for where compatibility with x86 has been designed in).