64 bit real free compiler for Windows

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Hi Guys,

Is there any availiable 64 bit c++ compiler for Windows which allow to commercial distribute code?

There is something like DDK it's free but on the other side it from what I've read not allow to sell comercialy build code.

Visual C++ Express is OK but not support 64 bit only 32. I need both.

Is there any way to ommit buying VStudio full version?

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So you want to get a compiler for free that you can use to make and sell programs?

As far as I know gcc supports 64-bits and the executables can be given away freely without needing the code to be GPL'd. Executable code produced by the compiler doesn't constitute a derivative work.

Alternatively the Visual Studio compilers can be downloaded for free; it's only the IDE itself that is expensive. I believe they can then be used in an OSS IDE such as Eclipse.