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Working with 64 Bit integer

Discussion in 'C' started by anuj1085, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. anuj1085

    anuj1085 New Member


    I am facing a problem i need to read a 64 bit integer value the is the value of RID available pool:
    i have written this code:

    swprintf(strObjectDN, L"LDAP://CN=RID Manager$,CN=System,DC=ado701tre,DC=com");
    hr = ADsGetObject(strObjectDN, IID_IADs, (void**)&pObj);

    if ( !SUCCEEDED(hr) )
    printf("\nFailure in connection");
    return 0;


    hr = pObj->Get(CComBSTR("rIDAvailablePool"), &tempVariant);
    printf("\nGet object Failed");
    return 0;


    Everything id wroking fine but i m not able to get the value of 64 bit integer from the Variant.

    the value i need to fetch is rIDAvailablePool: 4611686014132422211
    any help would be highly appreciated.


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