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Could someone help me out, I am very new to programming( as one could tell by the Question I am about to ask.)

I am trying to assign a value to random spots in a 2D array. This is what I have so far:

     * Generates random coordinates, puts them into a new CoordinatePair,
     * returns CoordinatePair - This method is complete and requires no change.
     * @return a randomly-generated pair of coordinates within the bounds of the
     * grid
    private CoordinatePair getRandomCoordinates()
        CoordinatePair coords = new CoordinatePair();  // create a new coordinate pair object
        coords.setRow(random.nextInt(ROWS));           // randomly select a row, put row info into object
        coords.setColumn(random.nextInt(COLUMNS));     // randomly select a column, put column info into object
        return coords;                                 // return the object
     * Invokes getRandomCoordinates() to put a specific value into the number of
     * grid positions specified by the first parameter, e.g. 
     * setRandomCoordinates(5, 'T') will set the target char 'T' into 5 different
     * locations in the grid on which it is invoked. This method will be invoked on the 
     * working grid.
     * @param the number of randomly-generated coordinates to set with the value,
     * the target value to set
This is where I need help, setting up this next method:

public void setRandomCoordinates(int numCoordsToSet, char valueToSet)

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Isnt the set method just simple value putting into the class member variable. Can you put the class which has this function as set should just assign the value.