200 digit number!!!!! READ

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how to perform addition substraction on a 200 digit number in 'C'?????
how to read that big number??
i have to do it in float.
someone spoke of 'big float', wat is that??
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Try using a Linked List , the Node can have the Digit, the carryover,....

Its a simple program.
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You can't do it with the built-in types; you will have to implement your own. One way is to represent the numbers with strings, e.g.
char *pi="3.1415926535897932384626450288";
which will retain its accuracy as long as you want it to (i.e. there is no conversion to binary).

Adding/subtracting numbers will be just an implementation of how you did this back in school. Remember doing sums like this one?

5+8 is 13, carry 1 and write 3. 4+0+1 is 5. And so on.
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