11th BirthDay

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Today is the 11th Birthday of Google and check the logo

How has the Google changed your life in this time.

For me they have made me an entrepreneur.
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yeah..now I got the answer of question.
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there is definitely a great of Google for what I'm today.
life is impossible without Google.
Sometimes I just think how did people managed before Google
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Funny, indeed. Some of my friends were confused to see 'Googlle'. Some thought it was a spelling error.
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Wishing you all the best GOOGLE!
Happy Birthday!
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u shud wish belated happy birthday yar
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Originally Posted by nimesh View Post
Sometimes I just think how did people managed before Google

Very accurate search engine, but very prone to keyword abuse. Google wasn't that great in its early days because the links database hadn't built up, but after it had reached a usable mass then search results for Google were always more like what you were after than if the same string were given to AltaVista.