can some 1 help me?

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ok im a total noob in programing.
and ill be honest, some hacking purpose involve here. but to the harm of no one. except me resulting in a ban.
i want to make some kind of file filter.cuz here is the issue:
the server has the original files, so when i change mine (the client), i guess the server compares it to it and see that they are not the same (the are changed obviously by me.)
i though maybe what i need is some kind of filter to make the server think everything it's ok while im using the modify file.
-this file is a .EDF type of file. (does any1 know what can i use to modify it?)
if any one could help me "learn" much help will be appreciated.
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Why not have a word with the system administrator and see if there is a way you can experiment without the main server being updated? There could well be a training setup available where you can try stuff in safety, or perhaps they can modify your setup so that the server doesn't try to backup your files.
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ah shit!, true i for got the server updates almost every week. but what ever ill just do it again and again..
thx for you help bro