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Mountain for Rappeling | 30 Aug 2009

Discussion in '$1 Daily Competition' started by nimesh, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. nimesh

    nimesh New Member

    What's this mountain used for Rappeling called?


    Hint: One word of it's name is your body part :)
  2. Seema786

    Seema786 New Member

    Thumb Mountain
  3. Seema786

    Seema786 New Member

    Duke's Nose
  4. Seema786

    Seema786 New Member

    It's Duke's Nose.

    Duke's Nose stands 12 km from Lonavla, clearly visible from the highway while driving towards Mumbai. This is the finest landmark in Khandala and is popular with hikers. The cliff owes its name to the Duke of Wellington, whose famous and ample nose it resembles.
  5. Seema786

    Seema786 New Member

  6. SaswatPadhi

    SaswatPadhi ~ Б0ЯИ Τ0 С0δЭ ~

    Congrats Seema :)
  7. c_user

    c_user New Member

    congrax seema first come first win.....
    hav a gud day..
  8. nimesh

    nimesh New Member

    Congrats Seema or CMA :)

    You got it from the same image source :lol:
  9. anju.hifi

    anju.hifi New Member

    congrats seema.... :D
  10. naimish

    naimish New Member

    Congrats Seema :D

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