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Adding "s" | 19 Aug 2009

Discussion in '$1 Daily Competition' started by shabbir, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    A 4 letter word where Adding s at the end does not make it plural of the original word but a separate word

    ate adding G at the beginning makes it gate which is not anyway related to ate apart from spelling.
  2. SaswatPadhi

    SaswatPadhi ~ Б0ЯИ Τ0 С0δЭ ~

  3. mayjune

    mayjune New Member

    well found..lets see if anyone else has any other answer...
  4. mayjune

    mayjune New Member

    hate hates
  5. mayjune

    mayjune New Member

    ok ok i got it
    mate mates
  6. SaswatPadhi

    SaswatPadhi ~ Б0ЯИ Τ0 С0δЭ ~

    So, as per the rules, can we have answers like ::
    (1) HATE --> HATES,
    (2) LOVE --> LOVES
    etc ... ???

    They are not plurals .. ;)

    PS : I don't wanna change my answer. :p
  7. mayjune

    mayjune New Member

    he he :p
  8. xpi0t0s

    xpi0t0s Mentor

    Not easy finding a five letter word ending with S where the other 4 letters are not a noun...

    Anyway here's one guess. HAVE and HAVES.

    The latter is used as a single noun meaning people with wealth: "the haves and the have nots". Also, HAVE is not used to mean a single person with wealth, you would say instead "he is one of the haves".
    2nd person singular of HAVE is HAS.
  9. xpi0t0s

    xpi0t0s Mentor

    One more guess and I'll leave it at that. BRAS and BRASS.

    That's a better one - brass is completely unrelated to bras - I suppose you could make bras out of brass but I suspect the lady would not be too comfortable.

    I suspect the 2nd person form of 4 letter verbs is excluded by the example "ate adding G at the beginning makes it gate which is NOT ANYWAY RELATED to ate apart from spelling" (capitalisation added).
  10. mayjune

    mayjune New Member

    Ah....i couldn't thought of that... :p nice one xp ;) Lol
  11. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Not quite but still open to discussion. Heres in the link is related to here.

    Quite right but the word I had in mind is Good / Goods
  12. mayjune

    mayjune New Member

    Nice one Shabbir... you have raise the standard of 1 dollar questions
  13. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Ohh. Thanks
  14. nimesh

    nimesh New Member

    nice question and nice answer too :)

    congrats xpi0t0s
  15. naimish

    naimish New Member

    Never thout abt Good shabbir :) nice one ;)
  16. gk123987

    gk123987 New Member

    fall -> come suddenly to ground due to loss of balance.
    falls -> stream flowing over a precipice
  17. SaswatPadhi

    SaswatPadhi ~ Б0ЯИ Τ0 С0δЭ ~

    Congrats xpi0t0s. :nice:

    Nice one, shabbir :)

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