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Hello guys i just made this to tell you all that

My internet service provider did something and now everyone connected with them is facing the same problem im facing SLOW INTERNET SPEED its now taking me 5 minutes to load google when it used to be instant.

The purpose of this message was to just tell you all that i wont be on much now until they fix this issue once its fix i will come back on and start posting.

I maybe on and off everything now and then but just for a very 10 seconds and thats it.

I hope you understand this


Be back soon
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We will wait for your internet.
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Sad to hear mate.. Hope you are back soon...
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Just a update unfortanatly they have still yet to fix my internet problem and its now becoming a legal matter due to other clients getting mad with this company. Im so so so sry i have not been able to be active on this forum as much but once this stuff gets fixed i will continue to be active