World's fatest internet connection : 40 gbps

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75 year old woman has the World's fastest internet connect : 40 gbps = 5 gBps !!
Me, still stuck with 2mbps

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Hard drive doesn't make it possible to dowload information with such a high speed. Just expensive RAID array would allow you to use this connection without any scopes.
I've got 8mbps and it's enough for me
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well I'm still using a 1 Gig and still fast as far as I'm concern.
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World is moving faster than we can think of.
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heh an internet connection that fast wouldn't do you much good anyway, it's like taking a Formula 1 racing car onto the M25 at rush hour. You still sit there in stationary queues with everyone else. Doesn't matter how fast you can go if you haven't got open road in front of you.
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Yeah, the 75 yo woman uses it to dry laundry !
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Wow ! !
40 gigabits its very fast.
World is really moving faster ! !