Why are you here?

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As Shabbir Says : To learn more about Databases and share.
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To interact with members
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Its bcoz uncle Google sent me here, and i'm not sorrying for that. I like this place :-)
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i am here because to learn of more of things in the field of different category.. .......
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Discussion forums has many add values in it. We don't only interact with intelligent persons and get there feedback but also learn thousands of new topics which were unknown for us earlier. Forums keeps your knowledge updated and also helps to submit links of your own site for social advertising.
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to learn everything about hacking <related to scripting/coding math, net infrastructure n other stuff>...
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to have a blast and also to learn a few things about SEO and other related topics;
also the community is friendly !
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i am using forum because"to interact with new user and their thoughts about of the related topics....."
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to learn about PHP and Mysql
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Originally Posted by mirandu85 View Post
to learn about PHP and Mysql
give me a PM in order to get some nice tutorials that i think might help you