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Where are you from?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sterling45, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. sterling45

    sterling45 New Member

    I'm just curious where the go4expert.com forum members are from; I've noticed a lot of East Indian members! I am impressed with your english!

    I am Canadian born.
  2. pradeep

    pradeep Team Leader

    I am Pradeep from Kolkata,India. So, sterling45, what's your good name??
  3. sterling45

    sterling45 New Member

    Good name as in real name?

    That's a neat place you live! Travel to Russia must cost much less than Canada to there. :)
  4. #.Stylus

    #.Stylus New Member

    Hi, I'm from the Philippines and learning to code ;)
  5. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to G4EF.
  6. Darkness1337

    Darkness1337 New Member

    Me, hmmmm ma Parents from Sri lanka n am born in UK n live there! lol

    trying to be a programmer :D

    it's too damn cold ere! :p lol
  7. Zahra

    Zahra New Member

    yaaah , there are too many indian members here .

    Is it an indian fourm ?
  8. pradeep

    pradeep Team Leader

    Technology has no boundaries! :)
    I am an Indian, where are you from??
  9. chargy22

    chargy22 New Member

    hey all, aussie over here living in sydney. nice to meet u all.
  10. munkyeetr

    munkyeetr New Member

    Here from Victoria BC, Canada...
    moving to Winnipeg Manitoba next year...brrr!
  11. K.Geo

    K.Geo New Member

    Hi Friend,

    I am from india
  12. clocking

    clocking New Member

    hi !
    I'm learning programming.
    nice to meet you.
  13. pradeep

    pradeep Team Leader

    So, where are you from clocking?
  14. clocking

    clocking New Member

    Oh, pradeep , I come from The Earth. :D
  15. pradeep

    pradeep Team Leader

    Oh hi human! I am from Mars, do give me a visit sometime! LOL!
  16. itiglesias

    itiglesias New Member

    Hey everyone!
    Wow, there are a lot of people from India. That's cool.

    I'm from Barcelona, Spain. I've lived in different cities in Spain, including Madrid and Seville. I also have lived in Hawaii, California, and Utah in the United States. Oh, also Hong Kong for 2 years. Never made it to India though... :eek:
  17. coderzone

    coderzone Super Moderator

    Good to see lots of guys from lots of different places.
  18. doodoogingin

    doodoogingin New Member

    I'm from china.....
  19. turkeythigh

    turkeythigh New Member

    I AM FROM OREGON U.S.A. ITS bloody cold here and its been snowing on and off all day im tired of it. lol any way hope all are well. :)
  20. asadullah.ansari

    asadullah.ansari TechCake

    I am from INDIA. wanna share and learn different-2 skills .

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