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Whats your Profession

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by Safari, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. evans

    evans New Member

    I am an Information Technology student with a local private college. Currently the subjects im taking are:
    1. Visual Basic
    2. Internet and Web Design
    3. Data structure and algorithms
    4. Database Design
    5. Software Project
    6. Computer Quantitative Techniques

    I will be very grateful to be a programming expert soon. I thank you very much for such an interactive site.


  2. kmk_cena

    kmk_cena New Member

    hi hang of on web based

    CASH_eXPERT New Member

    m a student who will be a freshmen at undergraduate in commencing fall session. I am interested in codes and reverse engineering though i do not posses enough knowledge yet. Professionally, i want to be a Physicists.
  4. chriskrich878

    chriskrich878 New Member

    Hi All, I am a web designer! :)
  5. ichandu

    ichandu New Member

    I am chandra.
    I am software engineer in kolkata.
  6. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Chandra and where in Kolkata?
  7. akil

    akil New Member

    i'm studying b.tech computer science
    i'm in need of some help regarding simulating unix filesysems
  8. pranjalnigam

    pranjalnigam New Member

    I am Program Manager
    Working for an organisation in Insurance domain.
  9. debroy

    debroy New Member

    Hello I am Debangshu Roy. I am a high school student(age 15) and interested in programing.I live near Kolkata
  10. sonalikund

    sonalikund New Member

    I am a MCA passout student of 2010 batch havn't yet joined any company.
  11. reyaz husain

    reyaz husain New Member

    persuing mca from nit-allahabad(india).
  12. Completed my study.
  13. renaemurray

    renaemurray New Member

    hi my name is renae
  14. Seo_Aryan

    Seo_Aryan Banned

    I am a student and working for SEO.
  15. bhaskargvt

    bhaskargvt Banned

    hey! i am working in a seo company.......as a online marketer.
  16. MattyMurder1

    MattyMurder1 New Member

    hey i am senior in high school. I am taking as many computer classes (including cisco) as i can. I hope my schooling will lead to a great job on a computer. :]

    CRASHANA New Member

    i'm web master : )
  18. cizzlingeast

    cizzlingeast New Member

    i am a graphic designer and right now exploring SEO
  19. blessington

    blessington New Member

    i am a bioinformatics student , at karunya university.
  20. ramprasad

    ramprasad New Member

    I am working as a computer manager in carbonated industry.

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