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Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by shabbir, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. Player

    Player New Member

    Hi all, as you may be aware i'm new here. I have posted my introduction in the introduction thread (unlike some :))
    I have just started learning c from a "C for dummies" book. It will eventually help me in my career but for now i need to see if i have the brains to actually learn it before making my company waste money on me at college :). I have found the first basic bits very interesting and pretty easy to understand but i'm getting to stuff now that i need answers to. Some stuff is a bit misty. I'll be asking plenty of questions in the not to near future, hope this is ok by you guy's?


  2. shehrebano

    shehrebano New Member

    I am shehrebano and working as web designer in Jabalput
  3. sakubar

    sakubar New Member

    hello this is sakubar.i need payroll program in c++.can u pleasse send this by my mail id ssakubar_98@yahoo.com.please send me immediately.
  4. dieya

    dieya New Member

    hye....im diya....well..im intrested in web developer and now for my final project i will develop one web based system..hope can share knowledge with me...thanks
  5. KaimTazz

    KaimTazz New Member

    Hello Everybody.. I am KaimTazz. I have recently passed MCA and having interest in VC++/MFC
  6. bharadwajv

    bharadwajv New Member

    hi all

    im bharadwaj.....
  7. coolsaurabh

    coolsaurabh New Member

    Hello everybody!

    This is Saurabh, very enthusiastic about learning everything about Computers n d Internet. I hope i can get some very useful knowledge frm here.
  8. purush2purush

    purush2purush New Member

    Hi Friends ..
    This is Bhagath working as S.E in PHP platform.
    And thanks for accepting me as registered memeber!!!
  9. myforum

    myforum New Member

    Hi..i Am New Mamebr To This Forum...hope ....we Will Discuss Imp Thinggs As The Day Passes...
  10. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Definitely and I like your username.
  11. gprabhu

    gprabhu New Member

    hello guys,
    wishes to u all. i'm workinng as sys admin. this forum is very useful to me and others. good effort. i,glad to join this . thanks.
  12. bhamla

    bhamla New Member

    hi friends. can u help - i wish to leaarn asp.net - how to get tje software? i am in mumbai -byculla-------thanks
  13. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Make sure your query is at least seen by others and if you have that in the right section it will help more.
  14. sleeping_lion

    sleeping_lion New Member

    Hi friends!!!
    Mukhram mishra is here...a btech paasout from JIIT(NOIDA)...this is very right place for me to share my programming ideas and problels...its great work...keepit up... :)
  15. gprabhu

    gprabhu New Member

    we are using Dell Precision 670 workstation.& xp pro sp2.
    it takes a long time to shutting down, never being shutting down.
    anybody please help!
  16. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    gprabhu, welcome to the forum and I am sure no will reply to your query because no one will see it.
  17. gprabhu

    gprabhu New Member

    Thank you sir. Solutions& Tips in our forum is very useful to me. Thanking you all once again ! Best Wishes!
  18. Sc0pe

    Sc0pe New Member

  19. yza

    yza New Member

    Hello guys! :)
  20. Dashrath

    Dashrath New Member

    Hi everybody..glad to be here....

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