Unable to install window xp on window7

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Dear Sir/Madam,
I had bought out a laptop of sony waio last year. Now i want to install window xp as second os. I had inserted the xp cd and rebooted the system. it is displaying a message error to stop "the harddisk is to checked or your system is to be checked for virus" i had check and found to be no error. the same problem again.
MY system configuration:
Hard disk - 600 GB.
OS-windows7 home premium
ram-4 gb
make- sony waio.
Please help me how to install window xp as second os. I will be thankfull.
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If your laptop comes with an O.S.like Win7 or Vista,I think it is not possible to downgrade it to XP or any OS released before XP.This is something I had heard at the HP service center.I have not read it anywhere.If you do find a way to install XP(except using virtual machine) post back.
Good Luck