this is my code, I dont know why it will not run perfectly?
int easy(int z)//EASY ROUND PROBLEM
    int elapTicks;

     double elapMilli, elapSeconds, elapMinutes;

     clock_t Begin, End;             //initialize Begin and End for the timer
      int cells (int z){
      char sudoku_prob[Z][Y][X]={
   Begin = clock() * CLK_TCK;    //begin the timer
   // for(int a=1; a<=10000; a++);
      //initialization of a 3D array where array[Z][Y][X] in a 3D Cartesian plane
           int i=1,x, y,check=0;
               for (y=0; y<Y; y++){
                        for (x=0; x<X; x++)
                        printf("%4c", sudoku_prob[z][y][x]);
            case 0:    printf("\nEnter for A: ");sudoku_prob[z][0][2]=getchar();getchar();
                       printf("Enter for B: ");sudoku_prob[z][0][5]=getchar();getchar();
                       printf("Enter for C: ");sudoku_prob[z][1][4]=getchar();getchar();
                       printf("Enter for D: ");sudoku_prob[z][2][1]=getchar();getchar();
                       printf("Enter for E: ");sudoku_prob[z][2][6]=getchar();getchar();
                       printf("Enter for F: ");sudoku_prob[z][3][2]=getchar();getchar();
                       printf("Enter for G: ");sudoku_prob[z][4][0]=getchar();getchar();
                       printf("Enter for H: ");sudoku_prob[z][4][4]=getchar();getchar();
                       printf("Enter for I: ");sudoku_prob[z][5][2]=getchar();getchar();
                       printf("Enter for J: ");sudoku_prob[z][5][8]=getchar();getchar();
                       printf("Enter for K: ");sudoku_prob[z][0][0]=getchar();getchar();
                       printf("Enter for L: ");sudoku_prob[z][6][5]=getchar();getchar();
                       printf("Enter for M: ");sudoku_prob[z][6][8]=getchar();getchar();
                       printf("Enter for O: ");sudoku_prob[z][8][3]=getchar();getchar();
                       printf("Enter for P: ");sudoku_prob[z][8][7]=getchar();getchar();
         default: break;       
          //Checking of answers     
          for (y=0; y<Y; y++){
              for (x=0; x<X; x++){
                  if (sudoku_ans[z][y][x]==sudoku_prob[z][y][x])
            if (check==81)
            printf("\n\nAnswer Correct: Press any key to continue\n\n");
            printf("\n\nAnswer Incorrect: Press any key to continue\n\n");    
        End = clock() * CLK_TCK;        //stop the timer
            return check;        
     elapTicks = End - Begin;        //the number of ticks from Begin to End

     elapMilli = elapTicks/1000;     //milliseconds from Begin to End

     elapSeconds = elapMilli/1000;   //seconds from Begin to End

     elapMinutes = elapSeconds/60;   //minutes from Begin to End

     if(elapSeconds < 1)

          printf("\n\nIt took %d milliseconds.", elapMilli);

     else if(elapSeconds == 1)

          printf("\n\nIt took  1 second.");

     else if(elapSeconds > 1 && elapSeconds < 60)

          printf("\n\nIt took %d seconds.", elapSeconds);

     else if(elapSeconds >= 60)   

          printf("\n\nIt took  %d minutes.", elapMinutes);

  return 0;