Have a new thread option on the Article pages as well

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I just wanted to create a new thread in Web design and by mistake was about to submit it as an article and remembered the famous post of Shabbir about the post is in the Article section and he has moved it and then created on the correct section.

So I would suggest one option. Why not have the option of creating a thread as well as the Submit Article on the same article pages and so by mistake also he will click then it will be the thread that will be created and not not the article.

Probably you have integrated it so well that its virtually impossible to know (Of course if you don't read the button what you are clicking at) when you are in hurry if you are submitting it as article or thread.
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Thats a very good suggestion aspguy and definitely we are working on this and expect to have the thing up in couple of days.
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I think that will be a very good option and help admin / mod's to move the thread posted as article.
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Yes, Its a very good option and the thing is already in place. Its been tested and its working perfectly fine. Thanks for your valuable suggestion.
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