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Testing our project

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by alexey.p, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. alexey.p

    alexey.p New Member

    Hi all
    please give appraisal to our project - form generator


    there are demo mode, so you can testing all.
    plase send bug reports to e-mail imagicforms@gmail.com
  2. alexey.p

    alexey.p New Member

    Our product has the following advantages:

    1. User-friendly interface to create and generate intellectual HTML forms;
    - Generated HTML forms support the validation of fields;
    - Generated HTML forms support multiple pages of fields;
    - Generated HTML forms can be protected by anti-spam systems (captcha, sabmite only one IP address)
    2. The interface supports multiple languages;
    3. Registrtion data submit to the database for further processing and export to other applications.
    4. Registration data submit in e-mail.
    5. Creating forms with the PayPal payment field
    6. The team is ready to implement changes to script for each client Individually
    7. Lifetime Support
    8. Refunds requested by the client, within 30 days of purchase
    9. The script is created on CodeIgniter and jQuery frameworks which will be updated in the future.

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