Best Software's of 2009 - Which ones you have ?

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Amazon released best software's of 2009 and I was amazed to see that I have none of them.

Am I in the computer world or not ?

Which ones if any you have it or use it I must say ?
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I have MS Office 2007.
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I have used Microsoft office 2007, Adobe photoshop lightroom.
unfortunately i didn't get time to purchase or download a pirated copy of windows 7(not worth buying it)
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i got microsoft windows 2007. . . can't truly recall how i obtained it!
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I have ms office 2007 , team viewer , adobe reader 9 and 3 or 4 other softwares like skype , FLV, Orbit, MySQl, and BIT torent.
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I only have MS Office 2007.
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I have MAc OS X, Win vista, MS Office 2003, Skype, IMCapture for Skype.
The most useful.
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i am with you shabbir