Simple way to check when "shabbir" is watching us !

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shabbir logs in as "hidden". So what ? Can't we know when he is online. He said in one of his posts :

Originally Posted by shabbir View Post
No but you both could not see me online but <bla..bla..bla..>
I've found a method to know when shabbir is online.
The accuracy of the method is inversely proportional to the number of users invisible.

OK. Look at the following :

Where are the 3 members ?
I hope you understand what I mean.

I hope shabbir won't ban me for this.
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There is no hidding from smarter people

Its just that people see me and shoot a Visitor message or PM and so I had to do this.
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Interesting....I had ran across this before but never paid any mind to it.
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Good Find.

Well I used a different trick to keep an eye on the thread, and no one found me that I was watching the thread

But yes, shabbir might have caught that in his reports
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