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Post: i really need help!!.. please!!!!... i am desperate bout this.. thnx!!
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Posted by: jhen10
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.. i am begging for a help.. somebody help me plz..

- i am looking for 12 different programs.. "2 functions, 2 two-dimensional array, 2 one-dimensional array, 3 strings, and 3 pointers"..

- these are one of our requirements to passed my course. i am desperate bout this,. i cant think of other way on how can i find some problems coz i still have 3 projs to accomplish.. this is the best way on how i can easily find what i am looking for.. the very first time ive seen this forum i know that this is the one i am looking forward coz i know u guys are helpful enough.. ur replies is very much appreciated by me,. as early as now, i am saying thanks alot.. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!...
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Moved it to C/C++ forum.

Though the original post doesn't contain any info about the PL to be used, i guess it's C++.