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Phoenix BIOS System Set-Up Password Lost/Forgotten

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by blusklus, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. blusklus

    blusklus New Member

    dear experts,
    first of all i've been looking for this type of forum from which we can STUDY a lot of things i've been searching countless time, hours thru the net and Oh,God i found you(THIS).
    also, downloaded lots of documents files and program/application on which up untill now not confident to apply/use it on the other hand i have to try now since i've got very good info posted on the forum, i printed out and read/analyse carefully.
    i've got FUJITSU notebook with ASUS motherboard with MS_WIN98_SE INSTALLED previously and upgraded it to MS_WIN_XPproSP2.
    the problem arises when i converted the files on the HDD in a wrong application/execution (didn't go to DOS-CMD to convert the files from FAT to NTFS) now its been awhile that i lost/forgot the system password in order for me to go to BIOS set-up.
    at this moment in time im about to try short circuit the chip and pray for me of a success!

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