View Poll Results: Pesi or Coke
Pepsi 12 63.16%
Coke 7 36.84%
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Pepsi or Coke?

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I prefer PEPSI
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yea i think coke tastes like flat pepsi
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Coke has too much gas and not enough taste, Pepsi is balanced.
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Well i prefer Water (Pepsi)
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Yah pepsi taste good.. but coke also taste better but I prefer to drink pepsi because my father is an account executive of pepsi in our local town, so I prefer to choose pepsi!!!
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I like PePsI!
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I don't know why but I prefer coke
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Well, I prefer Coca-Cola... But Pepsi is cool too.
Anyways, Coca and Pepsi have same copyrightholder, so they don't care what's better...
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i love coke..its my favorite drink!!! one of the things i really cant resist even when i am dieting! coke is the best!
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I don't like both of them.
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