Oscar 2009 - what your think?

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What are you think about the Oscar 2009? Why this is stupid indian movie won to innumerable nominations!??? I'm dissapointed!I think Benjamin Button was the best! What you think?
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As you know India is top third position having largest economy country, i.e. India is the one of the best country where a lot of bussiness, you can start and run successfully.

To make indian movie in Oscar winner there is only one reason that is bussiness purpose.Promoting Indian bollywood movie means in the next time marketing will be good for both bolllywood and hollywood.
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i thought thats useless... because we [indians] got award ONLY because the producer or director was a FIRANG :P .... otherwise i wudnt have reached there... according to me lagaan was better then slumdog.
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SLUMDOG is really directed well..Screne excellent... It's really fun and real based movie...
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Oscar is really waste this time. If that wasn't a hollywood director, we wouldn't even got a single oscar. They are like that. Benjamin is really good and much better than slumdog.
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SLUMDOG is the best movie ...Picurisation is dammm goood...Directed well
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How about filmfare? Indianisom