Newbie in programming

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Hello all,

I've learned programming languages such as C, C++,Java and VB (also some basic knowledge in php and I'm still a college student (final year in degree) but still my knowledge is so limited. For those mentioned programming languages (C, C++ and Java) my knowledge is until file handling....... thats like the maximum level i could reach. I tried looking for books for programming of course, but its the same, until file handling.

And of course i could get a lot of advanced coding samples on the net but its too difficult for me to understand. I'm trying to move one step at a time but the next step that i could see is so high up, i couldn't reach it. I hope any guru here can help me with this. I know that programming language can do so much more and so much more powerful (than file handling,of course) and yet too experience that "power". Plz plz help........ its driving me nuts.
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Welcome to G4EF and for the problems you face you can discuss them here and to be honest you cannot learn programming by reading but by writing the codes and so instead of understanding the third person code I would suggest you write your own code and where you are stuck try taking the samples out.