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just too say thank you,new to this computing,bought a second hand computer from a shop in east street in hereford,what a peice of junk,£160,i payed for it,if you are from hereford dont buy from this shop,no guts in it,(sound card, drivers) i should have asked on here for advice first,just joined,am in the process of building another computer,a sever,would like some help on how to buy the all things i need,is their a site that i can buy second hand and new components from?great site should have been born a few years ago.great site,wish i knew about before,trying to find my way around here,not sure if i have this right,threads and jargon like that,(should i go back too school?)wish everyone on here the very best wishes,keep up the great works,thanks again.tinnytim.
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Welcome to the forum BTW
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Commit the 1st mistake, correct it and never repeat it.

No harm doing the 2nd mistake, to be corrected and never to repeat same.