Microsoft Certified Application Developer in .Net

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Am Kirubanandhan and am a software engineer working in a reputed MNC company...
First of all am really thankful to Shabbir for starting a wonderful forum like this where they
can have their own idea to share with, JOb seekers, so many stuffs like that... Really awesome job...

About myself am a Microsoft Certified Application Developer in .Net, have experience in Web page designing, developed application, and a very good typing speed. So am ready to handle data entry works with a web page designing and also any other tasks, am having confidence to handle those things....

Am having my own laptop with an internet connection, so i can work at any time...
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Hi Shabbir,

I have a question for you... Am having all the knowledge, confidence, intelligency everything but am not able to succeed what is the problem with my effort?? Am a smart worker rather than a hardworker is that the problem??

Please help me out with this... I need to earn... Show me a better way if you can...
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Thanks but as I can sense from the post you never need to know the typing speed because developer/designer are not judged by that parameter and so you should be a bit more smarter to prove yourself.

I see that you also work for an MNC and is looking for some work at home which is not acceptable to me.