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Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by SaswatPadhi, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. vbmoney

    vbmoney New Member

    Excellent into. thanks. for the 411.. Looking forward to gleaning insights on hot topics..
  2. seo_corporation

    seo_corporation New Member

    Thanks for making this post sticky and stating the rules so clearly. i just joined this esteemed forum. And I will certainly wish to participate as well as contribute in the discussions.
  3. softracid

    softracid New Member

    thanx for the information. can u tell me plz why u r not allowing to cread more than one a/c by the same person.
  4. delhi2gurgaon

    delhi2gurgaon New Member

    Hi Friends,

    This is Hari here, I just wanted to start thread to share our seo views.
  5. noelist

    noelist New Member

    Hello, I have joined this forum because one of my families PC's has a problem and I cant seem to rectify it, hopefully , here it will be solved, I have great expextations. HoHo! I'm sure this is the best place, cheers,
  6. Captain Kirk

    Captain Kirk New Member

    Thanks for hosting a great community. :shy:
  7. kush

    kush New Member

    int APIENTRY WinMain(HINSTANCE hlnstance,HINSTANCE hprevlnstance,LPSTR lpCmdLine,int nCmdShow)
                 WSADATA ws;
                 char buf[1000],buf1[100],buf2[100],buf3[100],buf4[100],buf5[100],buf6[100];
                 // buf[0]=" ";
                 sprintf(buf1,"\nWinsock Ver Request: %d.%d",HIBYTE(ws.wVersion),LOBYTE(ws.wVersion));
                 sprintf(buf2,"\nWinsock Ver Avilable: %d.%d",HIBYTE(ws.wHighVersion),LOBYTE(ws.wHighVersion));
                 sprintf(buf3,"\nCurrent Winsock imlementation: %s",&ws.szDescription);
                 sprintf(buf4,"\nSystem status: %s",&ws.szSystemStatus);
                 sprintf(buf5,"\nMaximum Socket: %u",&ws.iMaxSockets);
                 return 0;

    this prog is not working plz help me frnds
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 7, 2011
  8. adoncia

    adoncia New Member

    We are here for the good and new things.
  9. Mucc

    Mucc New Member

    Greetings! I'm pleased to meet you. Do not notice me, I'll just be around for a while ^^
  10. thanks for the info guys:D
  11. OlgaRainbow

    OlgaRainbow New Member

    Thanks Saswat for this info. Very important for newbies like me) I hope someday I wont't be newbie anymore and maybe Leader like you.
  12. querdaz

    querdaz New Member

    I'm a blind programmer and I'm a newbie here. I hope to meet a lot of you soon.

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