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link exchange

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by tommyjim11, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. tommyjim11

    tommyjim11 New Member

  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Link management tools are never going to help you in the long run. Try building the links naturally.

    As the above link says "Add your link and you will have ability to place it on valuable pages" and so the pages that link to you and the network will just be passing the PR but not helping much with SERP's. I have tried with digitalpoints link network for my some sites on experimental basis but with not much help and so stopped it.
  3. coderzone

    coderzone Super Moderator

    Link networks can be useful to you till SE and specially google dont start penalizing the sites in a particular network.
  4. sterling45

    sterling45 New Member

    I wouldn't reccommend doing too much link exchanges with your site. They aren't considered as "organic linking" so they won't help your page rank at all (if your goal is to boost up your PR). If you're just looking for extra traffic, it works well if the site relates to yours.
  5. Phil1

    Phil1 New Member

  6. benivolent

    benivolent Banned

    A good quality link exchange strategy is not about how many link exchanges you can make and how promptly you can make them. It's all about alternative and choosing quality exchanges in order to. I think link exchange help increase traffic to your site and help more of your directory pages get listed in search engines Second one, Increase the Page Rank of your website.
  7. aishaarora

    aishaarora Banned

    LinkWizard.Net provides online solution for webmasters that allows to easily trade text links. Text Links provide webmasters with a proven method for increasing link popularity, search engine rankings and web site traffic. This is especially effective if the linking site is similar in content to yours and has very few outbound links to other sites.
  8. uche_n2a

    uche_n2a New Member

    In summary guys are you saying that using link exchange sites to get more links is not good?
    Please advice.
  9. paul white

    paul white New Member

    Link building is a search engine Optimization of the most important task. It is often confusing, difficult to find ideas on how to obtain construction started. Link building is the work of the other sites link to your own site. Like everything else in the world with different aspects of quality, you get high quality links shame can really hurt own website or you can have a good relationship, which will help your rankings tremendously.
  10. aisha123

    aisha123 New Member

    A link exchange is a confederation of websites that operates similarly to a web ring.
  11. soham99

    soham99 New Member

    hi all, i am soham. i am new in SEO and Link Building field. i recently have got a project where the client wants good quality travel links. if you have such sites for 3 way link exchange plz contact me at sohamseo@gmail.com
    or we can also talk through skype. my skype id is soham.eceltic
  12. phamkhacl

    phamkhacl New Member

    I have a education website http:english4room.info. I want to change links to Alls. Can you help me to put my links to you. Contact me! phamkhacl /a/gmail.com
  13. stunner82

    stunner82 New Member

    Link exchange request

    Friend i need music, business,finance and entertainment with pr 1 and 2
    and i have health, tech ,travel and fashion sites to exchange if u need
    then reply me
    my id is >>>> rishabh1066[at the rate ]gmail.com

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