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I am a new member who uses Access for work and leisure time activities. I am conversant with the vba feature for access and other office applications.

I am not so good at system, registry and other things related to office.

I have a problem I'd like to present. Each time I open Access, a new database appears after closing, presumably a backup. The new db has the same name of the db i worked on with a series of 1's after it. That is if I open a db called a, when I close it I have a new db a1, then a11, a111, etc. It is annoying and I'd like to turn it off. How do I do that???

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Hi and welcome to the forum and your Access looks some backup option is enabled and try seeing if that is the case.
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what version of ACCESS you are using?

And does this happen for every database you work on? or any specific one?
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Thanks for your reply. I am using Access 2002 and it does happen with every database I work on. I tried to find a key in the registry thatmight be involved with no success. Nor could I find a relevent option.

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Glad to have you here! Looking forward to share and learn new things with you soon! Have a great day ahead!