View Poll Results: Is Internet replacing Television?
Yes it is replacing. 7 70.00%
No. 3 30.00%
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Is Internet replacing Television?

shabbir's Avatar, Join Date: Jul 2004
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What you are using more? Internet or Television and do you think Internet is replacing Television?
Handsome's Avatar, Join Date: Dec 2008
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yup interner replacing TV atleas now new generator spend more time than tv on net
dreams's Avatar, Join Date: Dec 2008
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yess,it is..Definitely internet is replacing television.we can get much more informations about any thing whenever we need from any part of the world.
agripas90's Avatar
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no. it is like the tv didnt replace the theatres nor radio.
Colpini.rc1's Avatar
yes no doubt internet is replacing the TV.
jhonden's Avatar, Join Date: Sep 2011
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Yes it will replace television in coming time. Google is also up for its satellite channel though it is still in pipeline. As I don't get enough time to watch television i prefer to watch it online through streaming.
ozsubasi's Avatar, Join Date: Jan 2012
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Where I am satellite English language TV is supplied via the internet but the selection is limited and it isn't very reliable. So we tend to download things we want to watch.
KatKone's Avatar
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yes, it is replacing because many people prefer internet, they watch news, movies on internet.
OlgaRainbow's Avatar
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Sure, already replacing. I don't even have TV at home. All i need i can find on my laptop. And it's great! No stupid ad