Integrating a Chat Feature in Go4Expert

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Hey admins Go4Expert is a excelent learning site and a great place to speak with people that share your interest. But it would be great if we could get like some type of way to chat with the members because sometimes I send a PM and it takes some time before the person reads it and sometimes I see them online but there is no way for me to tell them its there. If you guys consider this I'll be willing to contribute in any way possible!!
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Re-inventing the wheel is never good and if you see user online then check the user profile and if user has opted for use of any IM like Yahoo/MSN you will be able to see that on the profile.
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yea as well as u can sql exploit almost ever shoutbox there is so cheers for not putting it up if u would like to view a scrip that can exploit one just ask and ill post it
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I would like the script please.