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Will IE Become Extinct in 2013?

Discussion in 'Polls' started by shabbir, Oct 4, 2010.


Will IE become extinct in 2013

  1. Yes

    2 vote(s)
  2. Noway

    1 vote(s)
  1. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    On Sitepoint Blog I read that IE will be Extinct in 2013 and do you think the same?


    I believe it will be extinct much before that.
  2. dotNet Zombie

    dotNet Zombie New Member

    IE is the default for Windows the largest used OS for desktop. A lot of people don't care what browser they are using and will use what ever the default is. IE will be around as long as MS includes it with Windows.
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2010
  3. ManzZup

    ManzZup New Member

    I think itz going to do away with arrival of chrome and the new versions of firefox
    According to the present facts, IE cannot run up at least with Firefox (or safari even) while its dream when compared to the speed of chrome

    Due to the way IE has extended (the number of toolbars and things) it will be there for some time
    if MS donot fix the things related to its features
  4. agripas90

    agripas90 New Member

    IE will stay. however if i moved to firefox than i`m sure lots of other people will leave it.

    but i know lots of people dont care about it, they just want to surf the net.

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