Which Way Do I Go????

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I'm 34 years old, and decided to get an education. I started trying to teach myself programming. I did fine with HTML, but when it came to PHP or JAVA I found that I really needed more direction. So I went and got my GED, and started taking my basics at the community college.
My problem is that I don't know what is the best direction to go. I want to learn the language that has the most options for employment. I also wasn't sure about my degree. Right now I am signed up for a AAS for software developer. I didn't know if that is the right direction, or should I go for the science degree and kill myself with the math?
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PHP is a right direction to start with the employment as an objective. I would suggest you should persist on this.
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A degree is always the way to go, B.Sc. in computer science in Software Engineering stream has only one maths subject out of all the ones you take. Go for gold and never stop believing in yourself!