I need help with ansi c

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Ok i need help people.. this is how project looks like

"Wright an ANSI C program that takes two sequences of letters,
stores them in two arrays of characters, after having put in alphabetical order
incorporates them neatly into a single list, and finally print the contents of the list
(p.e. if the sequences are "outputs" and "zero",
then must be printed "ceeiorstuz)."

Thx in advance
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Well, we don't do homework assignments here, but we will help. How far have you got with the project and where are you stuck?

Sounds like you might need some kind of data structure; do you have an initial idea of what that might look like? It doesn't have to be completely right to start with as you can develop it as you develop the project but you should have some idea of a starting data structure.

It also sounds like you need to think through how this is going to work. Have you thought it through at all?