hiyo im new and n00b yes i need help with bruteforce

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hello i just joined today and i guess i need a bruteforce for bruteforcing web/forum acounts cuz i keep making and forgetting mine *cough* yes this is n00bish i no real hackers would open view source and go from there to hack acount but as i said im n00b so as a n00b i need n00b help to hack programs! also any keyloggers or other bruteforces would be useful

ps: im looking for a brute force thats easy to use and simple like input site url here and the name here of the member and it does the rest 4 ya
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Hello and welcome to the forum.
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might i suggest you just download firefox (www.firefox.com) and have it store your username/password 's That is a lot easier and qucker than hacking, and you dont' slow down the servers by attempting to bruteforce and overloading the server. Hacking is fun but not really the solution you should look to for a practical use. Alternatively you could email the admin to the server with your problem.