Hii .. Teach me please How to hacking

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Hii .. im new here , Hii admin
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Hii for you all !

Everyody , Can all of you teach me how to hacking Road Sign ?
Im ask this to my friend already do it , but he want to ask to me .. crap ! Soo please teach me ..
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hi welcome to the forum. I don't understand what road sign? You will have good articles on various matters esp. programming in this site.
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Hi from me as well
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Welcome. Saying teach me how to hack is like saying teach me how to be a doctor. It's a very big topic so it requires a lot of studying. Look around in the forum and you'll find good tutorials and articles. You'll learn by asking the right questions. But it'll be tough for someone to just teach you how to hack. You have to put a lot of effort.
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thaniks for all