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27, graduate in fall 2008 with a CS major. married with a 2-year-old. spent four years in the army, worked at fort bragg's hospital in the laboratory. sold cars (for KIA and ford), worked at McD's as a manager, refueled airplanes at raleigh-durham int'l airport and at canton-akron airport, worked in a factory making budget gourmet tv dinners, went to fort benning for basic if anyone knows what the hell i'm talking about, now in school working with "developmentally disabled" (mentally retarded) adults at their home(s). i once had lindey cohen's (the bitch on the tv about abu g'raihb's) blood in my hand (in the lab...she had her baby at fort bragg)...thought about selling it on ebay, then thought about military prison...easy choice. interesting life. hi guys!

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Welcome to the forum ben.