Hi people!

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Hi everyone my name is Owninizer, and I have been needing some people to talk to about C++. I started getting interested in programming after I finished the tutorial at w3schools.com for html. I then started making web pages I figured out I wanted to expand my knowledge. I learned some javascript and went on to C++ I have wrote the basic calculator and studied more on C++ and In my 8th grade math class we were working with cylinders and the circumference, volume, area of the base, surface area I developed a program finding all of those I got extra credit and I have been striving for more and more knowledge. I believe this website will expand my knowledge of all programming languages. I hope to move from C++ to Java after I have a greater understanding of it.

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Hi Owninizer, I am sure you will have lots of information you are looking for in the C++ and Java section and also will have lot to share from what you have learned from w3schools