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HI! Lets get Acquainted !

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by mihir83in, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. mihir83in

    mihir83in New Member

    Well "Hello G4EF", sounds like first program in any language ( hello world !), ;) , I am mihir pandya doing my "MCA". and I am quite glad I found this forum.

    I was doing some queries on google and stumbled upon this forum, and felt like home sweet home ( india ! ). Hope to rendevouz further in future to quench the thirst of knowledge.

    Yes knowlege, I love to dwelve deep inside and my passion is knowledge. I am attracted by the sheer power of knowledge which I see when a master controls the Mecha. And to the journey of neverending improvements towards mastery, here forth with G4EF, We begin the journey ! Hands on board , sailor !

    Well my skills include knowledge of c and visual basic. currently I am focusing on learning the X86 architecture and assembly. Love to see beyond what an end user sees in every part of the machine. :) and in my acadamic studies next comes c++ php and oracle. So I am quite sure after seeing the fruitfullness of the forums as a very good resource.

    Apart from these, My hobbies include martial arts, Reiki, Learning new languages, I already know basic phrases of english french spanish russian ;) ( and c and vb hehe )

    And I love to read the literatures and poetry too. alright then enough of the intro :) Looking forward for a betterment of knowledge. Bye , adios , au revoir , poka (russian).
  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Hi and welcome to the forum. I think your post is the real value to the Introduce Yourself forum and I really see an introduction.
  3. mihir83in

    mihir83in New Member

    Greetings Shabbir , Thank you for the greet and welcome. It is for sure a catalyst in forming a good communication relationship that a founder comes to a new one, and says "welcome". :) . Special greetings goes to you the founder, and the administrator who are the core of the forums, In order to keep it fit , fine , and informative.

    Thanks also for appriciation of the post. and now a few things more to add to the intro :p

    I have been selected as a "Microsoft Student Partner (MSP)" for the current year of 2007/2008, from my college. A MSP is a representitive of the Microsoft Trends to the college. He takes trainings from Microsoft People and forward it to the college. The current trends seem to be Windows vista and Microsoft Office 2007, and looking forward to Orcas in 2008. So I am looking forward to it :) :) .

    My langugae of preference is C, and I have won a competition at college level project ( a game ). I will be posting the source of it soon on C programming section. My current focus is on cryptologycal Implimentations and Improvements to the already existing Methods of Cryptology ( like 'safer' ). I dont know whether this should be a general chat like thread or is it valid for intro, If there's a correction needed let me know :) . Thanks , thats all for now.
  4. naiya

    naiya New Member

    Hello Mihir
    I am Naiya.Welcome to G4EF. Like u I am also a new member of this forum. I joined this forum today.Now I am learning C,this is my first computer language that I am learning. Your intro was too good and impressive.
    Keep smiling and do your best always.
  5. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Its fine in the Ethical Hacking / Engineering concept depending on the topic.
  6. mihir83in

    mihir83in New Member

    Hello naiya ! Welcome to the forum. and thanks for the appriciation. Its good to know that you are learning C language. It is my favored language and thanks for inspiring words too :) . take care for now, "keep smiling and give your best" :p ( pst if visitors like my threads, ratings are welcome ) :)

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