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I am Aditi,a new joinee of this forum.
I need help in solving the below program using C.
Please help me out...
A florist (flower vendor) sells roses, jasmines and bouquets. At the end of
the day, he jots down the sales figures for each of these items. A typical
entry would look like:

22/12/2006, 524, 123, 1500

Which implies that on 22nd of December, by selling roses he got Rs. 524,
jasmines fetched him Rs. 123 and through bouquet sales he got Rs. 1500.

Create a working project in C called florist that would enable the florist

1) Make sales entries for an arbitrary number of days (he can enter sales
data for seven days on a Sunday night or on a daily-basis)

2) List the sales figures in the following format for a given a date:

Sales figures for 12/11/2006
Roses: Rs. 767
Jasmines: Rs. 200
Bouquets: Rs. 1050

3) Delete sales figures for a given date.
You need to write the C and header files for this program along with the
make file and a README file outlining the assumptions made and constraints
on using your program.
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Giving a better title helps you get better responses. I would suggest you go through the thread Before you make a query.
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