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Hello Everybody!

To start off, let me tell you guys about me. I am a researcher and goes with it is reading. When I have nothing to do, I go to forums and chats to make friends and post reminders about the bad effect of these social networking sites, as we all know that is the hype these days. I am a member of myspace and I disturbed about the fact that identity theft is rising and rising. I know some of the members here are members of social networking sites such as myspace, friendster and facebooks. Just a reminder to everyone, be careful. If you want to read articles about myspace identity theft check this link

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Please confine links to signature and welcome to the forums.

I also get annoyed when my friends instead of emailing me directly prefer to write in the scrap book. I need to login and then see and then reply where as I normally can directly reply to the email.