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Hello, i just saw that little box towards the top of the screen that told me to make my first post, so here i am.
I just signed up for a computer programing class at school, and my teacher said to dive into the world of programming forums.

Litttle about me.
I am 16, and i have never programmed. I am the biggest redneck/nerd ever
I will proboly be pretty active, as i am trying to learn CSS and JAVASCRIPT. I wont post all that much, i mostly just copy the guides, and save into wordperfect 8 so i dont always have to have my browser open.
I dont have the best grammer. How should i put this..I use smileys and "lol" and stuff like that alot on the internet, as i do play mmo's alot. So if thats a problem well drop me a line, and i will try to improve. People never say anything, so i dont ever try to stop. Its a habbit and if needed I will stop.

Sell thats pretty much it, hopfully i will get to know you all better. I am not shy, so just pm me or IM me if you want.
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howdy, i am the locksmith. i normally dont welcome people because i think shabbier, the admin likes to do that, but im not really sure. well i think that you will learn a lot from go4expert. and i am glade you have joined up. the reason i have decided to welcome you is because you share an almost scary resemblance to me. really you do, or at least judging by the brief description. and i going to guess you are from canada just to make you that little bit closer to my clone. well about me...

i am 17, i took programming in school, (sucked and i hated it, lol) i became fascinated with programming by reading manga...some how. i am redneck as hell also. i grew up in a farming family and my father is a trucker, lol. i love nothing more then "computer security," manga , anime, electronics, weapons and warfare/military tactics and strategy, and boxing.(oh and my girlfriend.) im not the greatest at programming but i maybe able to show you some stuff. i am mainly into html, and c++.

if you have anything to say or any questions pm me, i will be happy to respond.
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Hi and to the forum