N. USA = North United States of America
& = and

My name is Jason
& I am from N. USA
& I live in N. USA
& I was born in N. USA

Hobbies: Google Search Engine searching, Yahoo! Search Engine (Yahoo Search Engine) Searching, Ask Search Engine Searching, Bing Search Engine Searching, Blekko Search Engine Searching,
playing An ultimate and awesomest game 1 yeah,
downloading An ultimate and awesomest game 1 yeah,
Game Maker Language (GML),
learning GML,
other stuff.

Most favorite ROCKY movie: ROCKY V

Least favorite ROCKY movie which I still like and love and enjoy super much is:

My most favorite Mario game [and game period] is: Super Mario Bros. 2 for
Nintendo Entertainment System

My least favorite Mario game which I still enjoy and like and love super much is:
Super Mario Bros. 3 for Nintendo Entertainment System

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