Hello all-I am a C Student

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I am learning C programming ..It is difficult
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Hi and welcome to the forum and C is difficult I havent heard that from many
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Pointers in C killing me ..Please suggest me some simple online guide to C programming
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Welcome to the forum!! Enjoy your stay!
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Hello friend dont worry from c.Its not giant.Make c your best friend.C is a programming language whose mother was dennis ritchi.Here you can do everything but just with the help of
function.C does not have any existance without function.There are three basics step for writting your first programm in c.You need an editor to write your programm often known as
source code.Then go for compilation stage througha compiler which converts your source code to machine language,the language which machine understands.Last but not the least run your programm.Go thourgh the books like kanetkar,balaguruswami,dennis,gordfred and try to have good programming concept as soon as possible.If you are having any query then contact me here:krazytechno@gmail.com.
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Originally Posted by jimmynorton View Post
I am learning C programming ..It is difficult
hmmmmm....solve all ur problems and clear all ur concepts in this forum...we are always with u...