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My nickname is thapchi. I would like to get some help on c++ I am here to ask as much as help as I can. I have not studied c++ in deep just done some course in it. In which I got A grade.

But it was a beginners course. I always like to learn more about c++
and this site is fabulous for it. I am sure you people will help me with it

I will surly watch the tutorials

there is still some time i.e. about a year for me to go in programming

And i will surly go there but I am doing this for fun.
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Hi thapchi and welcome to the forum and regarding articles and tutorials I am sure you have your welcome email which explains all the stuff.
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Hello friend you really got a nice place to learn c++ or any other language.Just be connected to this website and definately you will get your answer.Just tell us your query.c++ is a programming language which is the extended version of c.C is procedural language but c++
is a object oriented language.It is regarded as middle label language coz it has the feature of high label language and low label language.Here you will get features like classes, then virtual functions, operator overloading, multiple inheritance, templates, and exception handling.First you go through this but i am suggesting you to touch the java.Have a good day and keep asking your queries.
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Welcome to Go4Expert. Hope you will enjoy your stay here.
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welcome to this forum...
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Thank you every body.


thanks for ur info

I have learned all u mentioned already. just not the java

well already posted one question