happy to take part

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Hello to all and happy to be here
I have programmed some websites for around 2 years now and i generally use HTML,CSS, PHP&MySql.
when ti comes to this forums i hope to give back to the community my knowledge and also learna few things on the way
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me, im trying to build my own website, for now, im trying to finished my documentations,hmmm... i mean the content of my site, the thing is,i am not that good or expert in using html php and mysql , but that's all i am using, i am trying to learn them all especially,Could you give me an advise in building my own site, what should i will consider next after i done my documentation(my analysis, objectives, content of my site),?right now, i am working with the coding and i keep trying to learn those 2 programming languages and mysql database,
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Hello guy's
I am diane from philippines a newbie in the community willing to learn a lot of knowledge..about forum..

Best regards,