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Hackers for hire

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by MayaMartinez, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. gr8sight

    gr8sight Banned

    Use Nitro MD5 decryptor..just pay small $$$ and your done,,
  2. tkisson

    tkisson New Member

  3. wyndwkr

    wyndwkr Banned

    yea, im looking for some ethical help as well, if anyone can just message me.
  4. wyndwkr

    wyndwkr Banned

    im hoping for yor service also, please contact. have rewards
  5. swayer7

    swayer7 New Member


    I am looking to hire a hacker and I am willing to pay good for it.it wont do anyone harm.
    contact me.

  6. swayer7

    swayer7 New Member

  7. FBOMB

    FBOMB New Member

    Im looking for little help with a online game have tried using Cheat engine but don't work ..If this can be done there are 3 are 4 other guys willing to pay For same Job ..let me know
  8. FBOMB

    FBOMB New Member

    Anyone ? Did i miss something ?
  9. RN47de

    RN47de New Member

    Same thing here. I have need for some ethical work. No damage or harm to anyone. Will pay for the service. Send me message via email in my profile if interested.

    Tried to PM Mike_12, but can't do so.
  10. FBOMB

    FBOMB New Member

    RN47de I have had a hard time finding someone here ...no one pming back ..not sure anyone can do it here ..i will keep trying ..if you get lucky let me know
  11. Josekx

    Josekx New Member


    I need to hack a website's database.
    Can you help me out
  12. bohemian

    bohemian New Member

    I need help with collecting more information about my partner who I think is cheating...I would like to get access to her viber account as well as her iphone....at present I'm in a different country and am not able to physically access them....could anyone please help a sad man?
  13. cforell

    cforell New Member

    I am in need of an hack for legitimate ethical reasons. Can someone contact me on this?
  14. bohemian

    bohemian New Member

    Could you contact me mike12?
  15. bohemian

    bohemian New Member

    I meant mike_12...do please contact me...
  16. medusa99

    medusa99 New Member

    I need a hacker, It would be really important that someone contacted me!! I'm willing to pay! Please help me!!! Here is my email adress : anonimlanyaszerelemrol@gmail.com
  17. medusa99

    medusa99 New Member

    mike_12 can you contact me? I really need a hacker!! I'm willing to pay!!!
  18. arnold

    arnold New Member

    Hi, I have a facebook page that I made for a company that I was part of and made it my page for getting kustomers. Now my former collegue have taken the facebook page and is using it in her name. She shaged passwd so i can't get in and remove it. Can any one help me with this?
  19. ksindi85

    ksindi85 New Member

    i need a hacker because someone is making fake accounts online and its costing me money and jobs plz contact me will pay
  20. siana.rumirum

    siana.rumirum New Member

    Mike_12 , I can't seem to PM you, can you please contact me? I really need your help. Thanks.

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