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Want to Hire a hacker for a facebook account

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Everrian, Dec 9, 2011.

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  1. Everrian

    Everrian New Member

    Hey , i need to get a face book account but in some special conditions.

    Payment is good . PM me if you believe yourself that you can hack any facebook account even with security on.
  2. sura

    sura Banned

    Do you think you can hack facebook server ?
  3. shanzaib

    shanzaib New Member

    mate i think i can help u contect me
  4. TW5000

    TW5000 New Member


    I could use your help to hack a Facebook account. How do I contact you?
  5. delizabethh

    delizabethh New Member

    i want to hire a fb hacker to hack in to a fb account that my fiance forgot...yeah forgot....to tell me about...where he list is status as single.....whatever....cheater....just want to see what he is hiding....
    please contact me by fone 832-212-2488...or email delizabethh@yahoo.com

  6. jhonden

    jhonden New Member

    Hackers can be employed for Facebook too. It can collect the information such as websites and can help us to get the data so as to increase the links and traffic but it is unethical.
  7. whiteknight

    whiteknight New Member

  8. tkisson

    tkisson New Member

    I want to hack a facebook account, where can i find a hacker?
  9. DetecttheLies

    DetecttheLies New Member

    I need a hacker for an account... this twat I was in a relationship for 5 years setup a separate account and I want his info / what he's hiding. Will be ready to pay $$'s... contact me... lie_detectorAU@y7mail.com
  10. DetecttheLies

    DetecttheLies New Member

    p.s it's Facebook...
  11. Gleek

    Gleek New Member

  12. whatwhatwhat1212

    whatwhatwhat1212 New Member

  13. yukikosh

    yukikosh New Member

    Hi, i really need help from hackers. My friend blocked me on Facebook and I want to unblock on her Facebook. I need to hack her Facebook password. Please contact me if you can help me.
  14. Harold

    Harold New Member

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